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This is the home of Kriegie Life, the book published by Carl Holmstrom in 1946 that described his P.O.W. experience. Holmstrom was one of the first Americans taken prisoner by the Nazis during World War Two, and participated in the Great Escape as one of their best forgers.  


For the first time, the contents of Holmstrom's WW2 chronicle, Kriegie Life, is available online. Best of all his illustrations can now be viewed in full color.
Now Carl Holmstrom's sacrifice (he carried this artwork during the Death March to Moosburg in preference to food) can be enjoyed by everyone and his book, which had previously been published in book form and only available to a few thousand people, is available to everyone on the World Wide Web.
This is a valuable resource for all who are interested in the Great Escape, WW2 POWs, prisoner art and the history of World War Two.
Carl Holmstrom's family has posted this Website in the hope that a new edition of the book can be published and that funds can be collected to preserve his artwork for the future.  

Kriegie Life was originally published in 1946 by Carl Holmstrom, in a limited, hardcover edition. It was reprinted in 1980 for the 35th Anniversary Reunion of Stalag Luft III POWs, held on April 18-19, 1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio (thanks to the Procter & Gamble Company). Unfortunately, Carl Holmstrom passed away just a few months earlier. This Website has been posted in the hopes that we can publish another new edition of Kriegie Life

Kriegie Life: Sketches by a Prisoner of War in Germany
© 2009, by Elizabeth Holmstrom, John Holmstrom, Susan Kohnowich and Anne Shumate.